The Area

The Tonto national Forest is the fifth largest forest in the United States, along the Mogollon (moh- guh-yohn) Rim. The landscape is comprised of rolling Ponderosa pine hills, Sonoran scrub valleys and rocky wash basins. A variety of wildlife including 11 different game species such as elk, mule deer, Coues whitetail deer, black bear, mountain lion, javelina, turkey, and quail call Pleasant Valley their home. We are favored with roughly temperate weather for a greater part of the year.

Average temperatures do tend to vary at the lodge over the year, giving us a very temperate climate compared to most of Arizona. The lodge receives a dusting of snow each year, but has seen up to three feet of snow before! Temperatures reach just over 100° in the summer. Please be sure to pack correctly for the season.

For a brief but spectacular three weeks in September, the foliage undergoes a magical change around the Valley. Brilliant reds, oranges and yellows cover the deciduous trees.

December through late February the lodge receives a dusting of snow and the occasional winter wonderland storm as seen above. Temperatures reach below freezing at night, so be sure to pack plenty of warm winter clothing and cozy up by the fire.

Spring and fall temperatures are very temperate with an average between the low 70s to mid 90s. It’s the perfect escape from the still blazing heat in Phoenix. July and August are the hottest months of the year, while August and September receive the most rainfall of the year.

Below is a chart from the Arizona Game & Fish Department with yearly averages.

Avg. Temp
Avg. Rainfall
Max 65°/Min 36°
Max 69°/Min 37°
Max 74°/Min 43°
Max 102°/Min 73°
Max 99°/Min 66°
Max 88°/Min 54°
Max 75°/Min 43°
Max 67°/Min 37°

Source: Arizona Game & Fish Dept.

However, no matter what time of the year you visit Cherry Creek Lodge, we guarantee you will enjoy your stay!
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