There is so much to do at Cherry Creek Lodge! Buried deep within the Tonto National Forest, guests are able to experience the full natural beauty of the Arizona highlands.

Whether you feel like strapping on a pair of jeans and cowboy boots and hopping in the saddle of one of our beautiful horses, flying around in our four wheelers, or venturing out on your own for a hike, you’ll take in the Arizona wilderness like never before.

Feel like experiencing rustic Arizona but don’t want to leave the comfort of the lodge? You don’t have to! There is plenty to do right outside our front door including fishing on Lake Sharon (watch out the fish bite like piranha!) or practicing your archery or shotgun skills. 

Horse Back Riding and ATV/Jeep Tours*

There are additional charges for horseback riding, and an advance reservation of horses is preferable

Guided trail ride (approximately 2 hours)
Half-Day trail ride

Full day trail ride (including lunch)
One half day roundups, and cattle drives
Full day roundups, and cattle drives
Overnight excursions (including campfire dinner) 

Western riding clinics
Western riding & cowboy skill lessons

ATV/Jeep Tours (approximately 3 hours)
Pleasant Valley War & Historical Ranch Jeep Tour

$50 per person
$95 per person, (4 rider minimum)
$150 per person, (4 rider minimum)
$125 per person
$150 per person, (4 rider minimum)
Add’l $60 per person per “camp out” night
$50 per person
$50 per hour per person

$50 per person
$95 per person

 Stable Fees

Guests are welcome to bring their own horses – an advance reservation of a stall or room in one of the corrals is preferable. There is a stabling charge of $25 per day, (two flakes of hay included). If you do decide to bring your own horse, please be aware that many of the trails around the lodge are very rocky and may not be suitable for horses with delicate feet, some trails require crossing running water, and some trails include relatively steep slopes.