Lake Fishing in Arizona

Peace and Serenity on the Lake with your Rod and Reel

In addition to numerous other adventures and experiences offered to guests at Cherry Creek Lodge, you can take advantage of some of the best lake fishing in Arizona. The beautiful three-acre Lake Sharon is stocked with bass, Georgia giant perch and crappie, and is only a stone’s throw from the lodge!

Wake up and fish before your first excursion or activity of the day. Or reflect on the day as you fish at dusk. Catch and release.

After you go fishing, you can also enjoy hiking on the Cherry Creek Trail AZ.


Take advantage of the beautiful three-acre Lake Sharon – stocked with bass, and Georgia giant perch and crappie – only a stone’s throw from the lodge. As to the monster fish we’ve been catching – pictures speak more loudly than words. Catch and release.

  • Guests only – $25 per person

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