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The natural beauty of this land is spectacular

Paradise at the center of Tonto National Forest

Cherry Creek lodge is nestled among 40,000+ acres in the heart of the Tonto National Forest with hundreds of miles of trails through varying terrains including tall pines, high desert, vast rolling hills, great vistas, rock cliffs, riparian, secluded canyons and distant mesas reaching toward the Arizona sky. The Tonto National Forest is the fifth largest forest in the United States, along the Mogollon (moh-guh-yohn) Rim. The landscape includes rolling Ponderosa pine hills, Sonoran scrub valleys, and rocky washbasins. In fact, the Tonto National Forest is part of the largest continuous tract of Ponderosa pine in the world.

Owners Sharon and Mike Lechter vowed to preserve and share the beauty of the land, its history and the old-west cowboy culture for future generations after purchasing the ranch in 2005. A few years later, the Lechters bought an additional nearby tract of land from the Ruger family (of Sturm Ruger fame), the original homestead of the Voris family.

In 2008, Cherry Creek Lodge opened to the public, a self-sustained facility that is completely off the grid (with an independent solar system and deep freshwater wells), although there is a limited bandwidth satellite Internet connection and a landline phone.

There are three parts to the Lechter’s vision for the Lodge—to provide all the modern comforts while staying true to a working cattle ranch, to treat everyone that stays at the Lodge like family, and to provide a broad enough variety of experiences so that everyone in a family or a group finds something to their liking.

Lake Sharon

Our beautiful three-acre Lake Sharon is home to duck, geese, HUGE bullfrogs, toads, crappie, bluegill, crawfish, great blue heron and so many more species of lake loving critters. Swimming, paddle boating and fishing are just a few of the activities this lake offers. A tree swing under a beautiful shade tree is a relaxing retreat. Just behind the lake is our labyrinth for meditation and reflection.

Cherry Creek

Cherry Creek, a 57-mile tributary of the Salt River, runs throughout the property. The creek flows south from the Mogollon Rim to join the Salt River.

Creek walking is a popular activity – a rock hound’s heaven! Get plenty of fresh air and sunshine and connect with nature in a fun way. Skip some rocks and kids will have fun looking through the clear water for minnows and tadpoles.

Animals and Wildlife

Kids, in particular, love our ranch animals. They are friendly and gentle, even most of our chickens. Come and gather fresh eggs daily from our chickens, be sure to feed them too! The goats love treats and gentle pets! Our horses love a soft brushing, eating snacks and strokes from our guests. Our cattle are visible most anywhere on the ranch.

And then there is the local wildlife—elk, mule deer, Coues deer, turkeys, bobcats, coyotes, bears, javelina, mountain lions, coati, hawks and eagles. We don’t pet those.

Meet the Livestock

Pet Policy

Pet Fee – $25 per day

We are pet friendly, but we are a working ranch, and horses and ranch dogs are often out and about in the normal course of business. While we’ve socialized our ranch dogs, none are overly aggressive and normal canine social dynamics come into play when meeting new animals. Pets may also come into contact with horses, cattle, and/or wildlife. You are solely responsible for any interaction your pet may have with ranch animals and wildlife and any damage it may cause or suffer from.

Your pet must be good with other animals, housebroken (or crated) and under your control at all times. A crate/cage (designed for large dogs) is available by special arrangement.

The daily cost of your pet’s stay is $25 a day. Any incidental damages or additional cleaning needs will show up on your bill.

We require a signed acknowledgment of these terms if you bring a pet. You can download a copy of the release beforehand.

Lodge Common Areas

If you’re looking for resort-style comforts, Cherry Creek Lodge delivers. Our spacious lodge is inspired by the surrounding landscape with your spirit of adventure and comfort in mind.

Main Lodge

Indoor activities center around the main lodge, with its expansive great room, dining room, breakfast area, open kitchen, pool table and bar, not to mention five bedrooms and the basement office. Throughout your stay at Cherry Creek Lodge, we encourage you to make yourself at home!

Great Room

Arizona Highways magazine described the cozy grandeur of the Great Room as: “Ralph Lauren meets Ben Cartwright with Julia Child whipping up something in the background.” With plush leather furniture, knotty-pine décor, a vast stone fireplace, plasma flat-screen HD television, and seating for all, this room has an inviting atmosphere. Here, you can form lasting friendships, discover hidden karaoke talents, tell fabled stories and read outstanding books. The library is along one wall of the Great Room. You can easily access five guest rooms off the Great Room through the main hallway or staircase.

Grand Dining Room

The Grand Dining room is conveniently located off the Great Room and it’s so inviting. With table seating for 10 and plenty of elbow room, this dining area has been host to many fabulous meals, meetings, holidays, birthday celebrations and so much more. Memories are made around the dinner table. Come make yours soon!

The Breakfast Area

Our breakfast nook has a lovely family-style table perfect for sharing meals, playing table games, finishing puzzles, or doing arts and crafts. Cozy and hearty country breakfasts grace this table often.

Pool Table & Bar

The pool table sits between the breakfast area and a copper and marble bar where refreshing lemonade, coffee and ice tea are self-serve. Other types of beverages are available for an extra charge (honor system).

Country Kitchen

Our country kitchen is open for all to see and observe the meals and goodies being prepared for your enjoyment, always made with love and where recipes are shared.

Outside Deck & Patios

Our wraparound deck offers a breathtaking view of Lake Sharon and the Cherry Creek property as far as the eye can see. Comfortable and plenty, the outdoor furniture and dining tables are for your enjoyment. You can play corn hole and patio games, stargaze and take a nap under the vast sky.

Toward the back of the Lodge and connected to the wrap-around deck, right off the bar area, is the outdoor campfire and barbeque area, complete with plenty of seating and lounge-style dining tables. We provide small private patios with some rooms.

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